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Get Creative Eggs and Avocados!!

We are always looking for new ways to enjoy avocados during breakfast. Click the link below for this awesome way to use eggs and avocados!! Avocado Egg Basket Recipe and photo credit:bravoforpaleo.com/

Tricks to getting the right pick!

It can be tricky trying to pick an avocado at the perfect time for eating.  No one wants to pick avocado to discover it isn’t ready to be eaten! An avocado decides when it’s ready to be eaten, and not the other way around!!  Check out this easy trick to determine when your avocado is […]

Avocado Wings!

With the football season being 10 days away, we want everyone to be prepared to enjoy a new twist on an old football game favorite: Buffalo Wings!! Check out the link below for an Avocado Buffalo Wing recipe, which is a nice alternative for any and all veggie fans!! Avocado Buffalo Wings! Article and photo […]

Roasted Corn Guacamole!

When in season corn can be a great addition to your dinner.  Try this new twist on one of our favorite dips!    Roasted Corn Guacamole! Photo and recipe provided by: Nora Martinez DeBenedetto | The Jersey Journal

Guacamole Hummus! Courtesy of Martha Stewart

We are big fans of hummus here at Anita’s Guacamole but we have never thought of Guacamole Hummus!!  Thanks to Martha Stewart, all of our Guacamole Hummus dreams are finally a reality.  Check out the link below for a reasonably easy recipe. Enjoy!! Guacamole Hummus from the kitchen of Martha Stewart!   Image and recipe […]

Creamy Avocado Pasta Sauce!

We love finding ways to use our guacamole when cooking. We have never tried to combine guacamole and pasta but we really liked this recipe and think you will too! Check out this super simple way to make an avocado sauce for your next pasta dish! Simple, healthy and delicious!   Image credited to:http://damndelicious.net/

Football and Guacamole!

Few know the struggle Avocados have gone through to have their own Super Bowl commercial.  Click the link below to read about Avocados making their Super Bowl commercial debut! Avocados finally on screen with our favorite NFL teams!

Get more out of your food

“Our initial findings show that a greater level of carotenoids from a novel high beta-carotene tomato variety are absorbed and converted to vitamin A when consumed with Hass avocados compared to no avocados,” said Dr. Schwartz. “Hass avocados seem to have a natural ability to boost the body’s absorption, conversion and delivery of more nutrients.” […]

Avocados and your heart

Knowing which fats raise LDL (bad) cholesterol and which ones don’t is the first step in lowering your risk of heart disease. In addition to the LDL produced naturally by your body, saturated fat, trans-fatty acids and dietary cholesterol can also raise blood cholesterol. Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats appear to not raise LDL cholesterol. […]

Source of potassium

Avocado is a good source of potassium, a mineral that helps regulate blood pressure. Adequate intake of potassium can help guard against circulatory diseases, like high blood pressure, heart disease, or stroke. Diets containing foods that are good sources of potassium and low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. […]